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Spring Show

Saturday 6th April 2019

2.00 - 4.30pm

George Prevett Memorial TrophyFor the winner of Class 1 Winner Michael Figg
The H W Gristwood Spring TrophyFor most points in Daffodil Classes 1-25 Winner Michael Figg
Daffodil Society Bronze MedalFor Best Bloom in Show Winner Michael Figg
The Hot Black Challenge TrophyFor the best vase of Daffodils in Classes 3 and 4 Winner Rosie Mack
The Coming of Age TrophyFor the winner of Class 24Winner Michael Figg
The Eileen Hayward Memorial CupFor the winner of Class 28, members only for DaffodilsWinner Shirley Anderson
The Centenary CupFor the best exhibit in Class 29Winner Rosie Mack
The Fred Goddard TrophyFor the winner of Class 38, one pot orchidWinner Andrew Burchill
Roger’s VaseFor the winner of Class 46Winner Barbara Chard
The Phyll Taylor TrophyFor the winner of Floral Art ClassesWinner Shirley Anderson
The Reg Barr TrophyFor the best exhibit in Handicraft ClassesWinner Ken Anderson
...................For the best exhibit in Floral Art ClassesWinner Joan Spershott
...................For the best exhibit in Photography ClassesWinner Nigel Branscombe
...................For the best exhibit in Cookery Classes Winner Rebecca Burchill


(For Daffodil Divisions, please see below)

  1. Haywards Heath Daffodil Championship 6 vases of 1 bloom per vase, Divisions 1&2 (6 different vareities)
  2. 3 Daffodils, trumpet as long or longer than petals, - RHS Division 1
  3. 3 Daffodils, cup more than one-third but less than equal length of petals - RHS Division 2
  4. 3 Daffodils, cup not more than one-third length of petals, excluding Poeticus types - RHS Division 3
  5. 1 vase of 3 blooms one each from Divisions 1, 2 & 3
  6. 3 Daffodils, Doubles. RHS Division 4
  7. 3 Daffodils, Triandrus. RHS Division 5
  8. 3 Daffodils, Cyclamineus. RHS Division 6
  9. 3 Daffodils, Jonquilla. RHS Division 7
  10. 3 Daffodils, Tazetta. RHS Division 8
  11. 3 Daffodils, Poeticus. RHS Division 9
  12. 3 Daffodils, Split Corona. RHS Division 11
  13. One Daffodil, trumpet as long or longer than petals. RHS Division 1
  14. not used
  15. not used
  16. One Daffodil, cup more than one-third but less than equal length of petals. RHS Division 2
  17. not used
  18. not used
  19. One Daffodil, RHS Division 3
  20. not used
  21. not used
  22. One Daffodil, double. RHS Division 4
  23. not used
  24. 5 Daffodils, all different varieties. Any daffodil foliage may be used with the flowers.
  25. 3 stems, one Species Daffodil
  26. 3 stems, Hyacinth
  27. One vase 3 Stems Miniature Daffodils
  28. Members Special Class for 5 'Avalanche' as bought from the Society 7 inch/3 litre
  29. 3 Tulips, any variety/ies
  30. One vase, 6 stems of one kind of flower, grown outdoors and not mentioned in the Spring Schedule
  31. 3 stems of Wallflowers
  32. 3 stems of Polyanthus, any colour or colours
  33. A vase of Shrub in bloom, 3 stems, one or more varieties
  34. A vase of Shrub foliage, 3 stems
  35. not used
  36. One flowering Pot Plant for which there is no separate Class
  37. One foliage Pot Plant for which there is no separate Class
  38. One pot Orchid
  39. A vase of cut Forget-me-nots
  40. A bowl or pot of growing Daffodils, Tulips or Hyacinths in flower (max 30cm diameter/10 litre pot)
  41. A bowl or pot of growing Daffodils, Tulips or Hyacinths in flower (max 15cm diameter/2 litre pot)
  42. A bowl or pot of Bulbs, other than those in Classes 40 or 41 (max 25cm diameter/5 litre pot)
  43. A bowl or pot of Bulbs, other than those in Classes 40 or 41 (max 15cm diameter/2 litre pot)
  44. One pot of Cactus
  45. One pot of Succulent
  46. A vase of Mixed Flowers, cut from the open border, excluding Daffodils, one stem of each variety
  47. Floral Item, not included in any of the above Classes
  48. 6 Pansy blooms
  49. A vase with 3 stems of Winter Flowering Heathers
  50. Vegetables

  51. 2 Spring Cabbages
  52. 2 Cauliflowers
  53. 3 sticks of Rhubarb, natural
  54. 2 Lettuces
  55. 3 Leeks
  56. A dish of any other Vegetable, one kind

    Floral Art

  57. "Spring Delight" width 60cm
  58. "Centrepiece" width 30cm
  59. Tea Cup width 15cm

    Handicraft & Cookery

  60. Woodcraft item 60cm
  61. Children's Game
  62. An animal made from vegetables 20cm
  63. Crochet item max 30cm
  64. Place mat or coaster 12ins/30cm
  65. A jar of pickle/chutney 1lb/454g with wax disc
  66. Cake own recipe to be displayed


    NOTE: All entries in the Wine Classes should be in standard 75cl (26oz) clear glass bottles, PLASTIC CORKS SHOULD NOT BE USED
  67. not used
  68. not used
  69. A bottle of any alcoholic beverage
  70. not used
  71. not used


    Prints to be no larger than 6” x 4”, if mounted on a card the overall size should not exceed 7” x 5”
  72. Bulbs
  73. Lambs
  74. Snowdrops
  75. Mountains
  76. Cottages